Blizzard!! The Great White Hurricane

Blizzard!! The Great White Hurricane

Blizzard!! The Great White Hurricane
By Timothy Minnich
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THE BLIZZARD OF 1888, legendary in the annals of American weather history, was among the most ferocious winter storms ever to pound the Northeast. Many hundreds of people perished on land and sea during its three-day reign of terror, including some 200 in New York City alone – ground-zero for this storm. In his debut novel, Tim Minnich paints a vibrant New York City landscape in the weeks leading up to what has been coined "The Great White Hurricane." Bound to fascinate weather enthusiasts, history buffs, and general readers alike, Minnich captures the suspense which culminates in this awesome display of nature, all while vividly depicting life in late Nineteenth Century Manhattan.On Sunday evening March 11th, the denizens of this great metropolis go to sleep completely unaware they'd be awakening to a howling blizzard. All except for young William Roebling, a brilliant meteorologist recently transferred to the New York Office of the US Army's fledgling Signal Service Corps – the agency responsible for the nation's first weather forecasts. Will has painstakingly developed an ingenious system allowing him to predict this historic event days in advance, but his unconvinced Commanding Officer, for political reasons, orders his silence. A conflicted Will feels he must alert his loved ones, and does – only to find himself in a battle for his life at the height of the storm. Minnich deftly combines the drama and excitement of the blizzard with its profound impact on those unfortunate enough to have been caught in its path, simultaneously weaving an engaging tale of true love, faith, and the indomitable human spirit.

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paperback | 452 pages | 9781543987485 | December 30, 2019